Press Release

For immediate release:
Buffalo, NY.

Now available to the motorcycle market comes a revolutionary new product-the SplitWeight™ Waterproof Seat Cover. This unique product, comprised from an exclusive process that combines the form fitting qualities of Lycra with a stretchable waterproof membrane is providing comfort for riders worldwide. “Quite simply, we got soaked, yet again, and were sick and tired of it” says company founder Jim Morabito when asked about the product. He continues “a group of us went to Michigan, got caught in torrential rain, and our bike seats were completely saturated with water.” When asked why this was a problem Morabito offered “after the rain we still had almost 700 miles to get home and our seats were, shall I say, uncomfortably moist. Heck, they were making our rear ends wet for days after we returned!”

SplitWeight™ covers are available in several different configurations covering both solo and two up motorcycle seats. Easy to install and remove, the covers unique ability to stretch while it retains its waterproof ability is critical. When installed, the cover blends in with the look of any style motorcycle while providing protection from the elements. The company also states that the covers protect expensive OEM and aftermarket seats from sun and general wear and tear over the long haul. Says Morabito “many riders spend upwards of $1000.00 on a custom seat and never think of protecting it or cannot find something that looks halfway decent. Our covers slip right on, protect the seat from water, sun, or anything else, look good doing it, and come right off when needed. The best part is that a rider can install the cover if the weather looks iffy and just leave it on. They won’t even know it’s there.” He continues “and if the seat has a leather cover, or a synthetic top with stitching, or a sheepskin pad, so much the better. Those folks really need the cover as all of those coverings will absorb water.”

SplitWeight™ covers are available through factory authorized distributors. Fitment is available for both OEM and aftermarket motorcycle seats. More information is available at SplitWeight covers are “Patent Applied For”.

For further information contact:
Jim Morabito, owner/designer
King of Fleece, LLC