We are proud to share with you a collection of King of Fleece testimonials, and we encourage you to share your own story us regarding your experiance!

Hope all is well with you...great feedback over the 5000 miles trip from Houston to John Day, Oregon and back...was excellent and had several major rain showers along the way to really test it out.
This feedback is from a Moto Guzzi customer who ordered a B series cover

Happy to report another satisfied customer here from King of Fleece - I decided to put a seat cover on it for the rainy season and to keep a little sheepskin in place on top of the tan Corbin, so comfortable indeed! I have put about 1000 miles on it so far, and love it, but so far, not a drop of rain here in Houston with 2 PERFECT months of riding so far! Matches up nicely with the blank tank cover/tank bag and soon to be black valve covers.

A few pics from yesterday...Tom Nova and I did a nice 250 mile round trip through Lake Country, took a ton of GoPro film thru the twisties (now to edit the raw footage).

waterproof motorcycle seatcover testimonial picture waterproof motorcycle seatcover testimonial picture

Thanks Jim...great product, great service!!

This was sent to me 8-14-2105 by a satisfied rider. This is how many use our SplitWeight(tm) seat covers:

Comment - I bought your cover for my beautiful Rick Mayer saddle before I left for the BMWMOA Rally in Billings MT and am I glad! Had lots of rain on the way and my saddle stayed dry as a bone. Just like you promised.
Thanks for a nice product. Ralph

Here is a comment from a BMS customer who had a seat built for him 3-2015. As it is a premium leather seating surface he opted to use a SplitWeight(tm) cover to protect the seat while on the road. This is typical use for hundreds of riders and I thought I'd share this with you. Jim

Hey Rocky! the seat that you made for my 2012 K1600GT back in March is awesome. In may I rode 6400 miles through 18 states (to DC and back) to participate in Rolling Thunder back East. The seat is awesome! I was never sore and getting back on was never a chore. I always rode between 500 - 800 miles a day, mostly back roads, and the Tail of the Dragon, the Smokies, Ozarks, Blue Ridge, etc.

I love the new seat, and recommend it to everyone. The Leather Amore and King of Fleece covers worked as advertised. I hit a lot of wet weather and the King of Fleece covers did great!

This was money WELL SPENT and I'm glad I made the modest investment.

Well Done and THANKS AGAIN!

Another satisfied Bill Mayer Saddle and King of Fleece LLC customer had this to say about his recent purchase:

I received the new seat in the mail today.

Yes, it was a rainy weekend, and the seat was excellent! My wife commented several times that there is no way we would have been comfortable without your seat cover.

You have an excellent product, and you give great customer service.

Really appreciate you working with me with my rush request.

Thanks again!
Steven Cline

Got my seat cover this morning. Super fast shipping & cover fits perfectly on my Valkyrie's Mustang seat. I am 100% impressed. Pleasure doing business with you & I will definitely spread the word. Have a great day!

Here's a e-mail I received from a Super Tenere owner from Florida:

Just put the King of Fleece cover on my stock Super Tenere seat. The OEM seat uses vinyl that is like non-skid on a boat deck. I don't know why they did it, maybe to keep you from sliding around but it will give you pizza butt in an hour. I put the King of Fleece cover on and problem solved. I have no idea if I'm using the cover as intended and don't care. It's working great. I haven't done any long rides yet but on 3 hour rides it's super. Looks good too. Thanks

Here is an e-mail I received from a customer who bought a cover March 2014 for his 2013 RoadGlide with a Corbin seat:

I have no affiliation with them or the the owner Jim other than being a customer. I just purchased a seat cover from them for my 2013 Road Glide. Long story short something got lost in the conversation and it arrived missing a small "option". I was about to leave on a long ride and Jim ( the owner) absolutely bent over backwards to rectify the mistake. Customer service to a level that deserves to be "shouted out". Aside from the service, this cover proved to be all and more than claimed. I experienced biblical rains in San Fransisco and my "deap dish style" single leather Corbin remained 100% bone dry. I rode through the southern Arizona/New Mexico desert, into Mexico in 90+ degree temps. The cover breathed.

I will not have a saddle without one of his covers....

For over forty years I've been building some of the highest quality saddles for bikers around the world, and I've always insisted on using the best materials, especially genuine leater seating surface. The only problem with leather is how it ages through the years of exposure to sunlight, rain, and all the elements the road can throw at you.

Nobody wants to invest in a piece of art for their machine only to see it fade and wrinkle a few thousand miles later. That's why I think of the SplitWeight™ cover not just as an accessory, but as insurance for your seat - wear it on the hard rides and keep your investment looking good as it did the day you put it on your bike.

Ride on, ladies and gentlemen,
Danny Gray - Danny Gray Custom Motorcycle Seats

Here's a note I got from a Triumph Thunderbird customer fall 2013:

Your cover recently completed its third cross country trip. No signs of age, no loss in performance. Quite a great product you have there Jim!


Here is a post from the Thunderbird1600 forum. A rider is asking about saddlebag (pannier) covers and KoF dealer fast eddy ( posted the reply as follows:

King Of Fleece made some for me to test out and I put them to the test finally last weekend of June (2013) on a Rally trip. We got deluged so much all rain gear failed, but the stuff in my bags stayed dry. Same proprietary material as the Seat covers whic totally protects the seats..., NOT water resistant but waterproof!


Here is a post about SplitWeight(tm) seat covers from the ADV Rider Forum:

Since I wrote the post quoted below, I had an enlightening experience. I recently did a 650 mile weekend with my boy on the back of the stock seat. I used the stocker for the ride because with him getting on and off I needed to be able to reach the ground a little better than with the Corbin.

I noted below that I move around a lot on the seat and that the stock seat has only sucked on one long-ass day in the heat and on a very straight road. This remains true.

What I found on the ride with my boy is that 2-up I don't move around nearly as much, and that under this circumstance I have a rather severe issue with the stock seat.

I get numb. I mean 100-mile day on a racing bicycle with a poorly adjusted saddle, lasts two days, can't feel the boys numb.

With a 3-week trip returning home from the Alcan 5000 next summer with the boy on the back in the cards, this is not acceptable. Kinda need some sensation down there, yaknow?

Anyway, I decided that of the choices out there, the saddlemen seat was designed to address this exact problem. However, it looks weird, collects rain according to some existing users, and has suede which holds water. Not ideal for days in the saddle in the Fall in Alaska...

Stumbled across King of Fleece in one of the threads here; he's an inmate and although expensive, his seat cover would certainly, if it lives up to the hype, solve the water-related concerns I have with the seat. The seat comes in two heights, a "stock" or regular height which is reported to be slightly taller than stock, and a "low" version. After much deliberation and a not-particularly-informative reply to an email query sent to the company, I decided to risk ordering the low version of the "Adventure Track" seat.

Reports here on ADV vary widely on the seat and there is considerable discussion about the need for an extended break-in period for this seat.

The seat arrived in good time as did the cover, and both are installed. I do not have a bunch of miles on them yet but can report that the cover is waterproof as promised, and the seat appears, again as promised, to need some breaking in. I will say that even brand new the low version of this seat is miles ahead of the low gel KTM seat. Miles.

It's a weird sensation and I think that it may vary widely according to the distance between an individual's specific, er, butt-bones. So far, I'm liking it a lot. I can reach the ground better with this seat than I could with the others I've tried and although it's quite firm, it's also pretty comfortable so far. No numbness, and the boy finds the back acceptable, although at 65 lbs....may not be a fair review there.

The driver's portion of the saddle is quite flat and long with lots of room to move around, and the cover provides just enough "traction" to move around easily without either slipping off the seat or getting locked into one spot.

So far, so good!

Just wanted to check in here. I now have approx 25K miles on my KingOfFleece seat cover. The cover goes over my leather Russell Day long.

I leave it on full time, year round, and it looks pretty much the same as when I pulled it out of the package.

I was devastated last week while on my ride to James Bay Quebec. It's 237 miles between gas stations, so I had a 1 gallon can with me to top up the tank along the way.

Foolish me decided to refill the tank at the stop with it still on the seat. I filled it up to the very top, forgetting that the spout has to go back into the tank. I slammed the spout back in and about 6oz of gas came spewing out onto my King Of Fleece cover.

Fortunately, most rolled right off. The rest went into the outer fabric a little. I was sure it would eat away the cover and get to the seat. I stopped and pulled it back at the next stop 150 miles later, and it was completely dry under there. Other than a very slight discoloration (darker), you would never even know it happened.

Thanks for a fantastic product.

JOEL/Tiger 1050 rider

It has been a while since I shared with you the tremendous appreciation I have for your motorcycle seat cover. I am using the same cover going on 3 years now. My current BMW has a very expensive custom leather seat that continues to look new after 75,000 miles because I take of it but more importantly I use your cover to protect it from rain when parked or riding, dew when parked at a campground or the sun when the bike is not covered.

When I decided to purchase one of your seat covers I hesitated a bit because they cost a little more than the ill fitting ones competitors offer. Today it was one of the best purchases I made to protect my expensive seat.

Darrell Penning

Here is a follow up from this customer after 20K using a SplitWeight(tm) seat cover-

Your seat cover remains awesome after a year and close to 20k miles. Sun has not phased it and it keeps the alaska sheepskin pad nice and dry.

Lee R.

KingofFleece Waterproof Seat Cover Review

I’ve had this cover for a few months now and having had it through a cross country trip is blazing heat and back at home in the rainy commute to work I feel I can comment thoroughly on its performance.

The cover is similar to spandex with a rubberized undercoating. It stretches over the stock seat (I have the Gel Seat) and around the edges holding itself in place with some Velcro on the reverse side. It stretches neatly over my Alaska Leather sheepskin. The only issue I have with fitting is on the front of the seat. A small “hook” is located under that portion of the seat latch into the tank. This necessitates pulling up the cover fabric to make that connection than letting go so it stretches into place.

Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover

Cover Material:
The cover is made of a stretch material that is like waterproof spandex. The top side is a nice smooth nylon like finish that provides a nice amount of slip/friction. I really enjoy the added ability to maneuver into position around the seat for cornering. My stock gel seat is almost too sticky and makes maneuvering on the seat difficult. The backside of the seat is a rubberized stretch coating that is very waterproof. I don’t have to worry about that Alaska Leather becoming a sponge any longer and leave it on the bike permanently. As owners of them know, a wet sheepskin is a nuisance to dry especially over the course of a rainy week.

Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover

I prefer to allow time passing before writing a review in order for the item to endure wear and tear. Too often, I see reviews with a brand new item never knowing if it will stand the test of time. Regarding this cover it looks brand new despite sunshine five days a week whilst remaining in a parking lot and being soaked a number of times including car washes. Unlike my Alaska Leather I see no evidence of black dye leaking into my riding suit, which is worth noting if you don’t want a stained suit.

Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover

Here's what Lee had to say after a year with the SplitWeight seat cover:
BTW your seat cover remains awesome after a year and close to 20k miles. Sun has not phased it and it keeps the alaska sheepskin pad nice and dry.

I purchased one of your seat covers this summer for my Triumph Tiger 1050. Not only was it great during rainstorms in keeping things dry it also made riding more comfortable. It seemed like a gel seat with the cover over my sheepskin pad. Plus I could move around on the seat - greatly improving ridability.

Thanks for saving my butt.
Rich Williamsville, NY

Seat cover performed flawlessly in torrential down pour during Triumph NorEast Rally. Sheepskin cover underneath was bone dry! Great for washing bike too (when I wash the Tiger), cover stays dry!


Seat cover got here quick. Fits well, keeps the saddle dry. Doesn't keep my butt dry though :(

Maybe you can venture into waterproof pants next......


Here is a word for word reply I got from a customer with a Triumph Tiger 1050. He has a Russell Day-Long Seat on his bike and I asked him how he liked the SplitWeight(tm) waterproof seat cover. This is what he said:

Hi Jim.
Yes, it most certainly did. I can write a better review if you need one for your site, but I finally used it last saturday on a 700 mile round trip. Last 4 hours of riding were through severe thunderstorms and heavy rain plus 2 hours I had to pull over and wait it out at a turnpike rest stop. Seat stayed perfectly dry underneath even though water was still literally pouring out of it when I put the bike into the garage. I was skeptical what I would see when I peeled it back, but it performed exactly as advertised.

Thanks for a great product. My Russell would still be soaked...

I was out on the bike yesterday and got caught in a torrential downpour, my sheepskin stayed absolutely dry under the cover - really helped with the comfort other the 600 plus miles.

Great product!!

"These are amazing. They stretch over each seat and can be Velcro-ed on (I cut the Velcro off the driver's seat so I can put it on/take it off very easily. And they are truly waterproof and wear-resistant. I left the passenger seat cover on for the entire trip as that is where I put my Coleman 12v plug-in cooler and I didn't want the cooler to wear out my seat. You can't even tell it was ever there. The passenger seat cover still looks brand new."

"I just got back from an 8098 mile road trip down to the states and back. My daughter was in the sidecar and I had a little Coleman Powerchill cooler sitting on my passenger seat the whole way. The seat has a sheepskin seatcover and then yout waterproof cover. It functioned perfectly and is still in new condition even with the stress of the cooler sitting on it. I cut all the velcro off the driver's seat cover so I can just pop it on and off as needed. We've been through glacier country, California Redwoods, the heat of California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, up through Ouray, CO, Denver and Yellowstone."

"Hey Jim: Here are some pics of the seat covers installed. I left the velcro on the passenger seat as I want that one on all the time. The rear seat bolts on and also holds the driver backrest so it would take a bit of time to deal with. My daughter will ride in the sidecar most of the trip so I might as well protect the seat the entire time. I also have sheepskin seatcovers on both seats and your covers are installed over those. I took the velcro off the driver's seat cover as I will put it on and take it off as needed. I think they look good on the bike - as if you had the seats in your hands when you made the covers."
Thanks again for custom making these for me."
Dan LaPan

"YOU WERE RIGHT!!! As an All season rider, The seat cover has kept my arse dry! And that diaper rash has disappeared. Thanks again K of F!"
Dave B

Thanks for a great product!

Baptism by deluge! The weather didn't do much in terms of cooperation. I had that nice seat cover you made on my VTX before I left my garage at 'o-dark-thirty' on Saturday morning. Rain was our constant companion for over 500 miles of riding. It actually flooded in La Crosse during a storm on Saturday night and we drove through water covering the road that was at least 9" deep in places. We got lost because we literally couldn't see anything and missed our motel turnoff so we dorked around in torrents of rain for a good 45 minutes before recovering our bearings in Jan's GPS and finally making it back to the motel. The sleeves on my jacket were filled with water. My boots were filled with water. The Money I had in my wallet is still soggy today. We were both soaked to the bone because we had left our rain gear at the hotel thinking that the rain was done for the night. (besides that it was uncomfortable in the warm weather down there). Sunday's ride back to Duluth was dry for the most part, but shortly after leaving Hayward, WI, the temps began to drop... 68, 58, 48. And then dense, misting fog at about 9:00 pm. Wet again....and COLD! But we made it home in one piece. Total miles logged for the ride were 715.

The ONLY bone dry article in my possession after that ride was my custom leather seat thanks to that rain cover! My seat thanks you SO much for that, Jim. You're the BEST!

Oh and BTW - I ended up not using the Velcro strap - it fits the seat so well that I didn't really need it so I just tucked the straps up underneath. By not using the strap, I didn't need to remove the seat to apply the cover.

I've got some extensive clean-up to do on the bike but I'm actually looking forward to the rain-or-shine next ride.

Best Regards,
Dale Nielsen, Luthier

"I got one of Jim's first seat covers for my Tiger and it works the nuts...Thanks Jim for a great product as I've probably bought most everything motorcycle related and this cover is a keeper."
Jeff Fitch Perry, NY

"New! Water Proof Seat Cover! Protect that new seat on the long hauls and keep your trip dry. I have personally tested these on almost 4,000 miles of road trip in the rain for hours and over nights in storms, no wet butt! Great Product. If you tour or have a leather seat it is a must to protect your seat and comfort."
Fast Eddy/Owner - Fast Eddy Sport

"I am a very satisfied owner of one of your "sport" day long seats. I purchased the seat for my '08 Tiger about 18 months ago and I couldn't be happier. So when I say I am writing you about two great products, the first of course is your seat. The second is about a rain cover that has recently come on the market, one that I would encourage you to consider adding to your line. I have your current rain cover, and it works. But frankly, there is a considerable gap between the quality of your seats and that rain cover. The cover I now use is available through and comes in several sizes. What's remarkable about this cover is the material it's made from. Something called "splitweight". It is both stretchy and waterproof. It fits the seat, wings and all like a glove. You just slide it on. I actually leave it on most of the time. It's durable and comfortable. I can move around on it easily, when I need to, but at the same time it's not slick. The heart of the motorcycle industry is these small vendors with novel products that really make a difference in the riding experience. When I first started riding, I didn't think a rain cover would ever get my attention. But once I started thinking about the investment I made in the Russell seat, and then saw the look and feel of this splitweight cover, I have to say this rain cover is one of those products. I hope you'll give it a shot. "
Brian Becker